3D Digitization
Structured Light

Scanning surfaces with photonic accuracy

We have always scanned and digitized surfaces with structured light, obtaining 3D models with high precision and resolution, with no direct contact with the object under scan.

The adopted 3D scanning technology allows us to detect complex geometries without weight, size and material limits.

Thanks to the structured light we are able to fast digitize objects without the need to move them, neither touch them.

If the scan targets don’t come to us, we go to them.

Uncomparable metrology features of structured light

Precise fringe patterns are projected onto the surface of the object and are recorded by two cameras, based on the stereo camera principle.

This automatic principle offers advantages in measuring reflective surfaces and objects with indentations.

  • +/- 0,01 mm accuracy

  • 0,01 mm resolution

  • Up to 15 Mpixel/single shot

  • Full portability

  • Real time verification of measurement accuracy and quality

  • Live tracking of 3D sensor position