Ready for circuits

Turn-Key Measurements Service and Systems for Racing R&D

Structural, vibrational and thermal real time monitoring and analysis of all vehicle parts with FBG optical fibers sensors in full operative conditions.

Production of READY-TO-MEASURE parts with embedded FBG sensors connected to the GS4R interrogator unit with special optical  connectors. 

Real time 3D shape monitoring based on 2.5 kHz sampling rate of FBG sensors instrumented parts.

Aerodynamic pressure monitoring for cause-to-effect correlation analysis with FBG 3D shape monitoring data.

On-site Reverse Engineering services for Direct- to-Mill and Digital Duplication operations.

GS4R Global Sensing engineered 4-channels dynamic interrogator unit for on-board structural and vibrational and 3D geometry variation monitoring applications

Off car applications

  • dyno testing – engine and cooling optimization.
  • wind tunnel – aeroelasticity development. 
  • general bench testing – materials and structures testing.
  • vibration testing – 7 poster and shakers
  • omologations – impact testings and squeezes analysis.

On car applications

suspensions monitoring

  • wheels load monitoring
  • suspension elements structural monitoring with 2N achievable resolution
  • contact patch loads/tyre characterization
  • off car calibration
  • suspension elements turn around
  • car handling optimization

shape sensing for aeroelasticity

  • dynamic aero devices behaviour
  • aero features optimizations
  • distributed aerodynamic pressure monitoring
  • temperature mapping