Motor Yachts

From shipyard to high seas

Crossover metrology solutions for motor yachts designers and builders

Thanks to the big advantages of fiber optics sensors that can be installed embedded or bonded on constructive elements of the yacht like hull, propulsion parts, rudders, including all the surfaces that are in direct contact with water or submerged, it is possible to perform structural, vibrational an 3D shape monitoring of :

  • hull , rudders and foilers

  • keel structure

  • propeller shaft and supports

  • engine supports

    The embedding of the FBG sensors arrays inside fiberglass and composite structures, allows to perform a robust and permanent real time 3D shape monitoring of all the yacht live-work surfaces.

    For shipyard special use, we developed dedicated fiber optics based transducers for real time weight monitoring and distribution during the construction of the yacht.

    Crossover metrology offer is completed with 3D optical scanning services on large surfaces, like hulls and deck structures, for quick and accurate surface reconstruction; physical-to-digital moulds reverse engineering for re-design operations.